Nothing at first glance prepares you for the powerful vocals and soulful richness of the artist known as ELMINA. Young, soft-spoken and gentle-natured, she cuts the picture of the average girl next door.

Honestly, I never really knew I could sing . I just enjoyed doing it. I used to be confused when people approached me with compliments after a performance. I somewhat believed everyone sounded like me so it didn’t seem so special to me.

Elmina Etete’s love for music started very early with countless occasions of sing-alongs to Barney’s songs and family organized karaoke nights. By age seven, she was recruited into the junior church choir which was where her journey into music really kicked off. She quickly went from singing with the choir during services and programs to leading solos. Eventually, she decided in her first year in high school to enter her first ever singing competition.

I remember my music teacher would chase me to attend choir sessions. In as much I enjoyed singing in the choir, I found it hard singing in a setting that was strict in the demand for me to sing. I always wanted to be able to express myself and not be confined to the part I was assigned to.

That competition which she went on to win gave her the edge to explore her talent while enjoying the experience and solidified her decision to pursue a career in music fully.

I love performing, I like the thrill that connecting to my audience gives me . Music is an art and I see my talent as the greatest gift I have been given. Sharing that gift with humanity is my purpose.

One of Elmina’s biggest musical influences is the legendary Whitney Houston. Elmina believes she shares a huge connection with Whitney’s music that she just cannot shake off. Some of her more modern influences include Ella Mai, Jhene Aiko and Daniel Ceasar.

I would describe my sound as soulful and classic. It has a unique vibe that can be related to within different  seasons and phases of life.

Elmina’s journey as both a person and artiste has not been without it’s own fair share of struggle and pain. She has had to deal with bullying in secondary school. She gives credit to her family, especially her parents and spirituality as factors that got her through those trying times.




I always remind myself that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. He was simply preparing me because in this life, you aren’t always going to have things go your way. I also want to believe that my story will give comfort and hope to others that might be in similar situations.

Beyond music, Elmina describes herself as girly and loves fashion, make up and shopping. She loves to unwind and looks forward to a good time hanging out with friends. A self taught pianist, she is currently working on her first EP and is looking forward to a future filled with music.

 Music is my escape and I can never stop…be rest assured in all I do, you will always find me singing.

Elmina looks forward to opening for top tier acts like Burna Boy, Tiwa Savage , Jorja Smith and also going on tour in Europe in the nearest future. Her immediate appearances include an EP listening party and a private indoor event to connect with her fans.

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